(1)Taxi: Initial price is 10 yuan (3 kilometers) and 2 yuan per kilometer afterwards. You can pay the price shown on the meter. Ask for a receipt before you get out in the event of something getting lost or left in the taxi, which may help you out.

(2)Bus: There is a network of buses within the vicinity of Hainan University. All of the routes are easily accessible to students. The fares are charged according to kilometers, they are 1 yuan, 2 yuan, 3 yuan, and 5 yuan per person. Because most buses do not have a conductor, you must prepare sufficient change for the fare. Be aware of your personal belongings when taking a bus. The following are the bus numbers that pass the university:

■ North gate: 5; 11; 15; 17; 20; 23; 26; 30; 54; 57

■ East gate: 5; 11; 15; 17; 19; 20; 21; 23; 26; 30; 36; 44

■ South gate: 7

(3)Campus Bus: The bus goes on campus, 1 yuan each time per person. Please prepare your change.